How do I use zip ties on our robot's tray?

We have a robot for Tower Takeover. Currently our tray has a lot of friction so we want to use zip ties in order to reduce friction. However I couldn’t find how to do that. Can someone please show how they should be attached to the robot? Thank you!

Where is the friction that you do not want occurring?

There are screws along the length of our tray. The zip ties lift the cube up. We actually found a solution. Thank you for replying.

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Hope your new solution works!
A common solution for this is counter sinks in case you are interested.

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Zoom in on this picture:

You can see horizontal zip ties between tray sides and vertical ties along tray length.

It is very important to put vertical ties last on top of everything else to cover any barriers to the smooth cube movement.

Cubes will slide along the zip ties.