How do people balance with such low skirts, and or wheel protectors?

Hey ya’ll, I’ve been watching skills runs of robots, and I’ve noticed a lot of them have super low wheel guards and skirts but are still able to balance regardless. Whenever we try to balance our guards get caught in the tiles. How do we fix this?

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I believe many teams use skirts that can lift (as in on some sort of hinge) when it comes into contact with the platform. For me, I just ensure that the skirt is just low enough to block rings but also high enough to clear the platform when tilted.


We had a similar problem at the beginning of the season.

Our teams cut slants in our ring guards (30 - 50 degrees) so when the robot is beginning to balance, the wheels are still able to touch the ground without the guards digging into the tiles.


Out team also used lexan guards for the front and back of the drive base mid season.

These guards worked well because they were flexible, flexing instead of digging into the field tiles.


Side note, where’d that tinted lexan come from?

Our team spray painted it that way.

how’d you keep it translucent?

We only had put on one coat of paint at that time in the season.

Right now, it’s not so translucent because we used multiple layers of paint. The stripes on the first picture of the side guards were made by applying tape while painting and then taking it off after the paint dried.

Some more recent pictures of our ring guards are as follows:

Hope this helps.