How Do Signal Splitters Work?

can they fully substitute brains?
and have a working robot?

no, they cannot be programmed.

they are only for use with VEX joysticks.


vexnet and cortex are the same thing Richard. PIC is what the signal splitter is for, I’m pretty sure its so 2 PIC controllers can control a robot.

Kind of. They are a substitute for the older PIC Microcontroller when only radio-control is needed (using the older 75MHz transmitters).

As mediumdave points out, they are not programmable, so you cannot use them for autonomous tasks.

They are not compatible with VEXnet and so they can’t be used as a replacement for the Cortex microcontroller.


  • Dean

Thank you all

can u run a drive train?

It can handle many common drive-train configurations. It has six motor ports. The first four motor ports are directly controlled by the two joysticks. Since it isn’t programmable, it can’t handle some of the more exotic drive trains.

The other two motor ports are controlled by the buttons on back of the transmitter.

The motor ports are all 3-wire, but you can attach 2-wire motors by using Motor Controller 29’s. This is really handy since it means you can have two motors get their speed from the same joystick channel, but turn in opposite directions.


  • Dean

Basically they just control each motor in each port with the corresponding port on the big pic controllers. (eg. motor 1 controlled by ch.1 …) They are great for testing but not much else