How do the RECF team grants work?

I noticed the new team grants were now available from the RECF here: However, I was surprised to see it listed as a “Matching Grant.”


Does this work the same way as the team grant worked in the past? Previous documents (such as the one here) imply that the team grant comes with a Competition Super Kit.

However, does this new designation of “matching grant” mean that the RECF will only grant funds toward our team if we can find additional funds from other sources? Is this a separate grant from the old Super Kit grant or a replacement?

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Matching grants are not new at all and in fact most grants given out are matching. You are responsible for creating a second team and supporting it your self.

I can not speak as to what team grant you had in the past but your terms for the grant are in your notification section of

The content of the grants tend to change a little bit season to season but it usually is only adding items instead of subtraction.

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