How do we connect the controller to the robot

hi. so we don’t know how to connect the controller to the robot. Also, how do we connect 2 motors to 4 wheels?

you need to pair your controller with your brain (I’m assuming you’re using v5) by connecting the controller to a smart cable, and plugging the other end of the cable into one of the ports on the brain. then you can disconnect the cable, and plug a v5 radio into the brain to wirelessly connect the controller to your brain.

as for the wheels, you can power 2 of the wheels directly, and use chain to link to the other wheels.


Have you tried reading the booklet that comes with your controller?


Well, connecting the controller to the robot is relatively simple. Here is a nice article from Vex about that:

Connecting 2 motors to 4 wheels can be done in a wide variety of ways. You could use gears, or chain and sprockets. It is really up to you exactly how you do it. I will leave a builder to go into that in detail.


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You can either chain the 2 wheels on each side of the drivetrain together or connect then with gears. When using chain, remember to tension it.

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