How Do You Build a Rotating Joint/Ball shooter

Please help me, our team is made purely of people who have never touched robotics and the first competition is coming up. Can someone please tell me how to make a rotating joint lift thingy and a ball shooter?

Sure :slight_smile: Why don’t you post some pictures of what you have so far and we can help you develop it along.

When you say your first competition is “coming up,” how soon do you mean? If you only have a month or so, I would not try to get too complicated; just focus on learning from other teams.

From your experience, I would suggest focusing on caps, because, in my opinion, they’re simpler for a newer team to deal with. But, if you insist on shooting, by all means, go for it. You have this amazing community at your disposal.

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Thank you guys for replying, but, our coach showed us a video that relly helped, and my competition is october 14th :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Could you link the video your coach showed you?

Awesome, good luck! If you need any more specific help, just ask!