How do you center your robot on the feild


We have come across the problem of centering our robot precisely on the field for our autonomous. How should we center it on the field? We thought about using a laser level. Is this viable? What do some of you guys do to center your bot?


Most teams use a jig made of really anything: paper, cardboard, vex material, etc.


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I’ve watched teams take two of the long black standoffs, snap them in the field, push the robot up against it and take the standoffs away. Check with the head ref, it shouldn’t be an issue.


A very effective strategy I’ve seen by other teams is lining up a sheet of paper against the edges of your starting tile, and then using the markings they had written on the paper to align their robot wheels.


Another idea is to use a laser pointer. We used one last year to great effect.


I line up the edges of the wheels with the edge of the field tile. That works without a problem. In the end I believe the field variance counts more when it comes to autonomous, and coding for that variance is more important than being accurate with placement. During autonomous I’ll have my robot straighten out on the field walls, for example.


Something else you can do is just practice setting it up for autonomous over and over and you will get really good at it (we got perfect autonomous set ups for our entire last match instead of the several misses in our previous one.