How do you change your username on the RECF website?

Right now my username is set to my email address, and I’d rather not have that on display. I can’t find a way to change the username in the account settings, can someone lend a hand?

there is no way for a user to change their own username, however @DRow would do this for you.

just a side note, but if you hadn’t told us all that your username was your email, then nobody would have known what your email was.

EDIT: I am not a very smart individual I realize now you were speaking of the robotevents account, not vexforum. my apologies

1 Like, the actual RECF website, doesn’t have log-ins, so I’m assuming you’re talking about RobotEvents?

If so, I don’t manage that website. You’d need to contact with the request.


Robot Events doesn’t have usernames though. Email address and password to log in, and the email address isn’t exactly displayed anywhere except in the account page.

Whatever the case, I don’t manage anything RECF related. :smile:


@VecksRoboticks Are you referring to the RECF Online Challenges website? If so, you can not change your username yourself (as far as I know). You would likely need to reach out to the admin of the website.


The emails are exposed in Online challenge entries. For example, here:

If you would like your username at the Online Challenge website to be changed, send an email from your current OC email as validation to Include your current OC username and desired OC username, and state you would like your username changed. Support will process that request as long as it came from the email address associated with the OC account. We are investigating an OC admin function that will allow a logged-in user to change their username themselves.


@ VecksRoboticks Go to Account page on Online Challenges website and click on the “Change Your Username” button. Also, @domain… portion of username is now being hidden on public pages when it looks like an email address.

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