How do you control your robot?

Currently, my team uses the following to move our robot:

Channel 3 - forwards/backwards,
Channel 1 - rotation,
7U and 7D for MoGo bar,
8U and 8D for braided goliath intake,
5U and 5D for DR4B,
and finally, 6U and 6D for top 4 bar.

We have it set so that when we move our top 4 bar down, the intake spins to pick the cone up. I’m also toying around with a way to make it easier to score the mobile goals in the 20 point zone, but that’s pretty much all we have in terms of ways to simplify things.

How do you all go about doing this? Is there any way that we could go about making this easier to control during a match? I noticed from one of their videos that Antichamber uses channels 4 and 3 to control the drive and channel 2 to control their DR4B…should we do something similar?

We have PID for our drive and P for both lifts and the MoGo bar, so I’m thinking that could come in handy as well in terms of making the controls more fluid…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am looking for ways to make our robot easier to control.

My team put all the drive controls on the left joystick, the dr4b on the right stick, 5u and 5d for out 4 bar and 6u and 6d for our mb intake, we have a passive claw so no controls for that.

I’ll definitely move the DR4B to the right joystick. Now I just need to find a way to automate the intake and maybe find a way to make the top 4 bar move in sync with the DR4B.

We have this handy little document we keep in our design book (one thing that isn’t mentioned is that the rolling cone intake is always running on low power)

what are the advantages of having the lift on one of the joysticks?

I’m no driver, just a programmer, but I can tell you its hard this year without a partenr due to the number of concurrent movements required. One way to handle this is too have control sets that you can switch between on a button press. E.g. pressing Button 7U cycles between of two modes:

Mode 1: Drive

  • Joysticks are tank drive with full range of motion
  • Triggers DR4B and 4B but no autoamtion, directly mapped power values
    -Cone intake and mobile goal mapped to some other quadrants

Mode 2: Stack Automation

  • Hitting 5u automtically brings the 4b to the top of its range, hit it again for automatic cone release. hitting 5d brings the 4b all the way to the bottom of its range, hit again for automatic cone grab/close (best for loader) On loader this lets you basically control the intake (rollers or claw) + the 4b using 5D, 5D, 5U, 5U over and over again no thought required.
    -Joysticks are on arcade drive with a slower speed for more fine adjustments at loader or when near cones
  • Lift on 6U/6D with some automation of your choice.

** Implement more modes as you need with mixed levels of automation and manual… **

That’s actually a really good idea, I’ll have our programmer look into something like this. Thanks for sharing!

Would it be easier if I made a statement saying that if the top bar is all the way down, the intake spins automatically to pick up the cone, and then if the top 4 bar is anywhere in between up and down, it stops spinning, and finally, if the top 4 bar is all the way up, the intake automatically spins the other way to release the cone?

That way, it would be more like 1) drive to cone 2) drop arm down 3) raise arm up. I think that would work to automate the intake, but I’m not sure. Your thoughts about this?

We have ours with joystick 1 controlling mobile goal intake on channel 7 and drive on 3 and 4. Joystick 2 controlling the arm with channel 1-4

Might work, just gotta be careful about thresholding and overspin. Ex. if you suck up a cone but dont choose to score right away and leave the 4b down the rollers will keep spinning up and could potentially stall out. On the top, make sure that the drop dosenst occur before the 4b has completely reached the top and has no momentum.