how do you cut pieces?

i tried to cut some of my 1x25 i first tried to bend them till they broke but that didn’t work it also messed-em up so then i took a vice-grip and used the metal cutters at the back of the head to cut it from two directions how do you cut metal pieces? is there a way that works really good?

I use a metal hack saw and a vice to cut the Vex metal pieces. I then carefully file the sharp edges using a metal file and emery cloth in order to deburr them so the edges don’t cut me when building my projects.

Warning! You must use goggles and gloves when working with metal tools!

well you don’t need gloves and gogles to protect yourself…
I work with metal all the time or at least to get extra parts

For cutting metal pieces, here are a few options:

  1. Hack saw with metal vise
  2. Dremel/motor tool with cutoff wheel
  3. Band saw with a metal/steel-cutting blade
  4. Tinsnips (works well only for cutting flat bars and flat plates)

And no matter what option you may use, always file down the cut edges to make the pieces safer.

Trust me, you need safety glasses when working with tools of any kind, especially ones that cut or fabricate parts. Although it may seem extremely unlikely that you will get a metal sliver in your eye, if you do, you may very well become blind. You only get one set of eyes. Is taking a chance really of going blind by not wearing safety glasses really worth it?

And whenever you are working with anything that creates metal shavings, I would either be very careful or wear gloves. Getting a metal sliver in your skin hurts incredibly bad, and also carries the chance of bringing an infection into your skin.

Always wear safety glasses when working with tools! :wink:


i’ve found bolt cutters sufficient for sutting the long bars. if you have that and a hack-saw you should be able to cut everything in the starter kit. the only thing i haven’t tried to cut are the shafts.

I typically use a band-saw to cut the pieces, then I will hit the edge with a belt-sander to get a smooth tip. In a pinch, I use a hacksaw, or some tin-snips.

Never use a Dremel Tool to cut Vex parts! I used it once to cut a metal rod and the cutting disk exploded sending shards of the disk everywhere. I was very glad to be wearing my goggles since parts of it hit my face. A standard hacksaw is sufficient to cut any Vex part.

i thought about using the band saw but i was afraid i would break the blade, again, oops but i never thought about using a hacksaw thats a good idea

sure I only have a jigsaw so I have to stick with a hacksaw!!!

i cut drive shafts from home depot with a grinder and to smooth out the edges i just switch to an angle blade it works really well i only cut one of my pieces before and it was with one of those multi plier knives im sure there was a better tool to cut them with in my garage:D o well at least it worked