How do you do a BOM for Elevation?

Hi. I am a noobie who will be mentoring a VEX team.

I have been reading up on the rules on Elevation.
In them a BOM ( Bill of materials) is mentioned but I can’t find an example.
In FRC the BOM has to have the cost of parts/ materials included.
Do you do this for VEX?
Also how do you list the parts? E.g. For each of the kit of parts items do you have to find the part number for the individual replacement part and use that? Or do you just do somethng like 4 girders X by Y.

In any help would be greatly appreciated maybe an old example from 2007?


What they really want to know is how many of each part you use. You don’t need to worry about cost, what they look for if anything is to see how much of the “extras” you used. String Velcro etc. the things not sold by VEXLabs but that you can use.

Here’s an example of one we used.

Sorry for the .zip the file limit for .doc is really small.

Also you might want to ask this in the Q&A…
Parts (5.96 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply.
It is basically what I thought.

Although it’s slightly off topic one more quick question.
In the game manual they talk about about no shap edges.
If you made a standard robot from the manual ( that first one, squarebot?)and didn’t cut any of the beams would this be considered sharp on the corners?
Do you have to make bumpers for a VEX robot like you do for FRC and if so where could I find examples?

This is just a general enquiry so it probably doesn’t need to go to the Q @ A forum yet.

Thanks again for your help.

No you don’t but make sure you don’t break the rules by damaging field objects or other robots.


You only need to worry about sharp edges when you cut metal. Basically if you might cut yourself on it, grind in down. We once had an inspector who pretty much tried to cut himself on our robot… The worst thing you can do is cut the inspector, ref or judge.

Thanks folks for the info.

That covers the two things that didn’t seem that clear from the manual.

I think the more technical parts of the competition are actually easier to understand.