How do you document competitions?

Basically the title. How do you guys document competitions in your notebook? Do you have everyone write a reflection? What about scouting during competitions? Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance!


Not a competitor - but competition is meant to validate your design in real world situation. So it is best first to scout out everyone in your schedule and make a prediction of how well your robot will do in that configuration (specific alliance partner, and opposing alliance pair). Then compare this analysis with what occurred in the match. Document design considerations that could be used to improve your robot. Reflections are important post competition - document at least three things that went well, two to improve on, and one design iteration for next competition.

Judges will value this approach.


My team goes through each match, noting things that went well and things that didn’t. Then we go through what we’ll change for the next competition.


Here is what I do:

  1. I give a brief overview of how it went for us. I record when we got eliminated, our win/loss/tie number, and who we alliances with. I also say how well we did in skills and if we won any awards (or if any of our sister teams won any awards).
  2. Then I break down how well our driver performed (did he need more practice, how was placing cubes in towers, how was stacking, etc.)
  3. Then I discuss our autonomous-was it consistent and competitive enough (do we need to change it).
  4. Then I discuss how good the robot designs (how many cubes could they stack, what designs we’re there, etc.).
  5. Then I make a list of all of our matches (I just straight copy it from VEXDB but VEX Via is good too).
  6. Finally, I put some photos from the competition in there (memorable photos like the end of a match or a good autonomous run).

Here are some photos of what I do:

(Sorry for not putting photos in the last page-I was a little bit lazy and ran out of tape).


Thanks for all the responses, they were super helpful!


So I like to be in-depth.
Fort I write the name of the competition in the title area and then team members who were present and their roles
Then I do something like;
Q4 1111a and 1111b vs 2222b and 2222a
Our strategy was blank. We won/lost auton #-#. Then important/bad/good thing that happened in the match. We won/lost this match because xyz. Score was red-blue with winner underlined. (I also write the team in red and blue pens)
I do this for each match, then after qualifying matches I write
Our stats;
Alliance partner-3333a
DPR- -2
Then more stuff about the other matches

Then the fun stuff; reflection time!
What went good!
What was baD and needs improvement☹️
What did we learn😊

Then I include my stalking info


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