How do you get into worlds?

I have been doing vex competitions for a few years now and i keep finding contradicting information on how i get to worlds. If anyone could help that would be great

There are many different ways to qualify for Worlds, all outlined here:
The system just changed for Turning Point, so I understand your confusion.

Here’s my summary:

  1. Attend your state / regional championship and win an award that qualifies for Worlds there. The amount of spots your region has is located at the bottom of the pdf, it changes every season. Then look at the chart on page 3 to see what awards qualify based on that amount of spots.

Note: if a team qualifies in two ways at a competition, they will claim one spot and the second spot will go to the team with the highest skills score that isn’t qualified. (Keep in mind that while winning the tournament or the Excellence Award is a great way to qualify for Worlds, Skills is a great backup plan, especially in a large region that could have multiple double-qualifications.)

  1. Attend a Signature Event and become Tournament Champion or Excellence Award winner. (The same skills rule applies if the same team wins the tournament and excellence)

  2. Win an online competition that qualifies for Worlds.


we qualified for worlds through a signature event, but you could also qualify through your state championship.

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