How do you get to worlds?

In the pouch of a kangaroo

In the pouch of a kangaroo

:slight_smile: too funny!

Charter bus, long long ride 16+ hours…

Wishful thinking. :wink:
Maybe next year.

I swam from australia

Wait, I’m confused. Did you swim or did you come in a kangaroo’s pouch? Or did the kangaroo swim with you in it’s pouch?

By driving our robot while we stand on it.

All of the ab

All of the above

I’m using a 100 foot punch and it’s going to shoot me down to worlds. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the old five foot diameter wheels, attached 393 393s geared for speed to make a flywheel, and then jumped inside.

Charter bus, 16 hour drive!

We got in a box that ascended many feet then went sideways many more feet. Or something…

(We flew from London to Chicago then on to Louisville)

We flew on a Kiwi :wink:

We went in 118’s rocket

We took our 12 motor turbo drill and drove through the crust of the Earth

118 gave us a ride to Hobby IMG_5577.JPG

I worked on my robot till 5am then fell asleep on the field and woke up at world’s.