How do you get your team to do work

well it really depends on how dedicated your team is to robotics. In our club, there are 2 types of teams. The “goers” and the “sitters”. the goers well go to competitions and the sitters just so robotics as a passive thing. if your team is full of sitters and you’re a goer, its maybe time to find a new team. But It depends if you value your friendship or your time more. Every team member can be reformed to become extremely beneficial members of your team. I used to make butterfly knives and stand-off guns out of vex parts but I eventually turned into our team’s main builder. Just find something for your team to care about and once they’re passionate they will be eating and breathing vex. For me, that was our first competition. It’s a slow process but it’s worth investing time and effort into your team into becoming more than you ever were before. Because in the end, you can’t really force your team to do anything, they have to all come to the conclusion of wanting to do vex.


Set time limits. That always works for my team. Also set specific goals for your team to achieve and keep track of them. If these are not working then I would just start kicking people from the team or find a new team.

Our team is like family to each other and we rarely argue so I wouldn’t know how to control them except to let them fail once or twice bad in a competition and they’ll realize

I was like your teammates when I was in middle school. One day I was threatened to be kicked out by the leader guy of our program, and that knocked a bit of sense into me. I didn’t want my parents to find out that I was messing around when I should’ve been working

i am a freshmen and the club prez comes to me for help
age means nothing i knew a team of 2 8th graders that won states with a bot built in a week. they worked that hard and really cared (it wasnt a trash bot)

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@Avonderweidt same my team won state with a robot me and this other guy built in 5 hours

Setting R3D’s to shame

Anyway I am the team captain of my team and one thing I have noticed with people not working is that they really don’t know what to do, a little guidance and confidence in them goes a long way. Give them very specific tasks as well as resources to help them, works very well. Let them know what you notice about them as you give them a task to motivate them, for example let one of them know they are creative so they could do well designing a certain part. I can’t stress this enough, show them your confidence in them and verbalize it. I hope this helps.


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