How do you link parts files with a project?

I’m trying to learn how to use AutoDesk Inventor and I’ve recently downloaded some STEP files for the new high strength Vex parts. I then converted those parts so Inventor can use them, and I can see the proper parts in a preview screen when I click on them to “Place” them. However, I can’t seem to follow through with the placement because there is something about the project file not being able to reference the part file or something like that. :frowning:

I’ve got different files from different sources - some converted from STEP files from the Vex website, others from Team 24 (thank you!), etc. But I’m guessing my problem is that I’m not linking them or storing the files in the right place.

How do you keep these sort of parts files linked to a project? Am I supposed to place them into a library of some kind somewhere??? :confused:


I have never had any problems importing step files. What version of inventor are you using? When you import a part, be sure to do a save as to where you want the part to be and you will notice a folder called" imported components" where other parts of the assembly will be placed

I’ve had a few problems with the S^3 library with referencing parts, but it’s an easy fix. Sometimes Inventor can’t find a certain part that the assembly needs, you just have to find the missing part to help out Inventor.

I’m trying to place a Double Bogie Wheel Assembly from the Wheels folder. It can’t find the parts it needs for the assembly, so it opens up a “Resolve Link” window and asks you to find the missing part.
As you can see from the image, next to “File Name:” it says “Roller”. So Inventor is looking for a part called “Roller”.

Since the assembly I’m trying to place is in the Wheels folder, I’m guessing the missing part is in the Wheels>Assembly Parts folder so I open that.

Open the folder for the assembly I’m trying to Place, which is Double Bogie Wheel Assembly.

I see the missing part that it was looking for (“Roller”) is there so I select that and click “Open”.

Now Inventor knows the folder where all the parts are and can find the rest of the parts.

For STEP files, I think usually a folder called Imported Components is created in the same directory as the STEP file. The missing part could be there. I haven’t really had any problems with missing parts in STEP files though so I’m not sure.

Hi Farce,

yes, that looks like the kind of thing I was hoping somebody would show me. Funny thing is: many of my problems went away when I booted up the computer the next day, so perhaps when uploading new files, my computer needs something reset. Either that or my computer is glitching around as usual.

thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: