How do you make a flywheel

I need to know how to make a flywheel

Need more detail than that.

Quick google search though:

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Flywheels are generally made using one of these two options:

  • Flex wheels
  • Friction wheels (covered in rubber bands)
    Flex wheels generally operate easier, more efficiently, and more consistently, but the other option is always good, especially if you lack flex wheels. Friction wheels can actually shoot stronger than flex wheels at times, due to their thickness.

In terms of motors and gearing, if you are making a double flywheel, you should use the classic 7:1 gear ratio, but use “green” motors, as blue motors do not have enough torque to consistently fire at such a speed.
If you are using a single flywheel, like most, you should use either green or blue motors, but I recommend green motors as they are more consistent. However, you should still use a 7:1 gear ratio, but you can also make a 35:3 gear ratio using two 7:1s in one space, but they require a red motor due to the need for torque (hence why they aren’t 49:1).

Flywheels are generally geared by taking two pieces of C-Channel and putting driveshafts with gears in between, usually the large red gears and small silver gears. The C-Channels are generally connected with standoffs.

Green motors at a 1:7 ratio is only 1400 rpm, which isn’t enough for being able to shoot far

Don’t do this, because the high slop and friction generated by this many gears will greatly decrease the efficiency of your flywheel.

My team has had great success with a blue cartridge motor at a 1:5 ratio (12:60 toot gears), which is 3000 rpm. The main factors deciding how good your flywheel are are the speed of the flywheel, the compression of the disc, the inertia of your flywheel (heavier flywheel = more inertia), and the friction/slop in your flywheel gearing.


For Vex IQ, correct?

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Fair arguments, this is just my personal experience. My team’s robot works well like this, so I wonder what is different. Maybe I should encourage my team to use blue motors?

Also, the bots at my school with the 35:3 are very fast and efficient, so maybe I’m missing something.

But yeah, you probably have more experience, so I’m not going to say you’re wrong.