How do you make use of the accelerometer?

We have recently purchased an accelerometer.We have no experience on how to use this sensor.
I tried to integral the acceleration into velocity,and then integral it again into distance.But it seems like the accurancy is pretty low because of the huge noise.
So,i would like to know how do you use the accelerometer?Do you use it to determine collision during the autonomous?Do you use it to measure distance?Are there more useful methods of application?:slight_smile:

I find it’s most useful as a tilt sensor.

We have an accelerometer, and most of the time, it sits as a pretty decoration on the robot. We haven’t really found a use for it because of its inaccuracy in detecting distance changes, which is really what we need in autonomous.

Has anyone looked into the nature of the noise caused by the accelerometer? Does it follow a pattern, like a Gaussian curve about the true value or something similar? Or is it completely random?

Not sure. Log some data and see what you get. However, I am not sure the period each measurement or the units.

Here is the data sheet of the chip.

Anyone know how often the value changes? The docs seem to say you want a filter capcitor. Anyone know what the filter capacitor is between the chip and the cortex?

General info from ST: