How do you print code?

I printed my code today, and ran across an obvious issue: each line is cut off, assumimg it is long enough. There is no word wrap. How do you get around this, or do you just live with it?

Try copying it into a text editor, doing any necessary formatting, and printing from there.

Notepad++. It has C++ style auto indentation, code highlighting, line numbers, and word wrap when you print. It is awesome.

'nuff said. :slight_smile:


+1. My team sometimes loads our code in Notepad++ and prints it out from there. Code is way easier to read when it’s printed out with syntax highlighting (color-coded code). We’re still trying to figure out how to print really long lines though; wrapping works, but then some things don’t line up and don’t look as pretty.

If your lines are longer than fit on a typical page, try printing Landscape, rather than** Portrait**.

Not as many Lines Per Page, but Longer Lines don’t Wrap…

That’s a good idea, and we have considered that, but then the judges would have to hold our engineering notebook sideways :-/ (probably not that big of a deal)

(By the way, congrats on 2,222 posts, MarkO! :slight_smile: )

11x17 Engineering Notebook???

Because ‘C’ is a free form programming language, you can place Line Breaks just about anywhere… Using EasyC will limit you with the Drag and Drop, but when coding by hand, make it fit within the page…

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