How do you print off all the Q&A threads for judges at one time?


I’ve looked and cannot find a crafty way to print all the official Q&A threads at one time, rather than opening them and printing each one by one. How do I do this?

Also, with regards to printing and giving official Q&A information to judges at a tournament, what is the difference in the these boards> >> Official Elevation Q&A and Official Elevation FAQ <<


Good question Robotlover I have been wondering about this my self especially with our regional coming up.

Maybe the forum provider can cut them out from the posts else I suppose it’s a matter of cut and paste each post to a new document.

I’ll give it a test go to see if it’s possible, moderators please tell me if it will muck up the system to much.

Tedious cutting and pasting always seems to work well for me :slight_smile:

I have already asked IFI to consider creating single document for us periodically.

I have attached a zipped version of what I compiled as of Nov 21, 2008. I did not summarize every Q&A, just the ones that were non-trivial.

The number of interesting replies since November has been pretty low. If someone out there adds onto this list. Please post the result.

081121 Elevation Q& (24.8 KB)

a further note to my above question - I asked about 2 different boards in my original post, can you actually refer me to the correct board to use when printing official “Q&A” for judges.


Both boards apply and should be printed out.

There will be some overlap.

The FAQ is where the competition organisers basically decide that clarification of certain rules is needed .

This may because of feedback from people like ref’s, judges, competitors etc it can also be just to help clarify a rule.

It can also be pre-emptive where they can see someone is likely to ask a question about some aspect of “elevation”

Eg in the FAQ they have put up a scoring FAQ complete wirth pictures showing a number of possible scoring combinations. This helps people because they can see a lot of combinations instead of wondering if this variation is legal.

The Q & A tends to be a specific answer to a definite question about one aspect of the game.

Eg I have just asked and received clarification on a specific scoring issue where the judge disallowed the scoring of a cube. In this case the situation may not have turned up before in hundreds of games of “elevation” but now if it happens again there is a ruling that can be pointed to.

The main thing is make sure you always printout the latest edition of the “Game” manual as this often has been updated due to answers given in Q & A and FAQ .

Hope this helps.

Thank you for answering the difference in the Q&A forums.

Regarding printing these forums for tournaments, we do print the game guide and all associated docs but I’m told it is also necessary to print the Q&A forums. So is there an easier way to print these than having to print each and every thread and update them each time we have a tournament?

If not, just curious if there is a plan to change this in the future?

Thank you!

At the risk of stating the obvious, and recognising that not all events necessarily have network capabililty to handle it, this past weekend we simply used a live internet connection to access the forum directly. On three separate occasions, a keyword search allowed us to immediately and directly retrieve the clarification we required much more quickly than the hardcopy approach we have previously used.
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