How do you program a Tele-op?

My Vex team and I are confused on how to create and program a Tele-op. Please help us our competition is on the 22nd of February, 2014.
Thank you!

Do you use EasyC or RobotC?

It is pretty simple in either but the approaches are different.

Use a while loop that contains what all of your joystick functions do. Each time the loop goes around, the motor values will update.
For example:

{ motor[randomMotor] = vexRT[Ch2];
motor[randomMotor2] = vexRT[Ch3];

The motor values respond to the joystick values each time the while loop loops.

We use RobotC and our other team uses EasyC. So could you please help us with both.

If you are using this in a competition, then you will want to make sure you are using a Competition Template.

For RobotC, go to File, select “New” and select “Competition Template”.

You can read more about this by clicking on “Help” in your RobotC, click on “Index”, scroll down to Competition, and click on Competition, then click on Display to get several options for information on how to use the Competition Template. Generally speaking, your joystick control will go down inside the **usercontrol **portion of the template.

As others have noted, you will create an infinite **while **loop that will continuously read what your joystick is doing during the usercontrol.

I’m not familiar with EasyC but I’m guessing it provides access to a competition template, too.

For easyC, open the application, and click New Competition template. Go to the driver control tab at the top (Might be named something else, but similar), and then click on Program Flow on the left hand side. A dropdown menu should pop up and drag a while loop into your driver control programming. A popup should occur, and just hit “1” and then click ok. Now go to Joystick on the left hand side and pick your control type from there. (Tip: If you have a six-motor tank drive, you will need a Tank4 and a Tank2 block)

Thank you for all of your help! We really appreciate it!

I have a video that should help at: