How do you put versahubs in black flex wheels

if putting versa hubs in white flexwheells is easy, why is putting them in black ones so hard to do? also how do you put them in without using the force.

The black ones have a durometer of 60A while the white ones are 30A, meaning the black flex wheel is much less soft and stretchy. The hubs should be able to be directly pushed into the large hole in the center. If standoffs cannot be fit into the mounting holes, use screws instead (works almost as well).

30A (light grey) has the most flexibility, 45A (dark grey) has a nice balance of flexibility and rigidity, and the 60A (black) is the most rigid. Make sure to check the VEX library for questions like this next time, as it will give you a faster, more in depth explanation.

You can use the method shown here to put the hubs in:


Try using a vise to press them in

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