How do you Relieve Stress?

What are ways that you all have relieved some stress off your mind at tournaments?
I usually take a walk to the water fountain and try to talk to my teammates about the matter.

If it is snowing it is always nice to play in the snow. Also shooting rubber bands at my team is calming and fun.

I take some herbal pill called mental calm and it works really well

My students play Uno before every competition

We find that doing well reduces our stress levels. But if it’s really not going well just realax and realise there’s always next time.

Take deep breaths and think calming things

our teammate… just makes rubber band bombs and fires them. Yesterday they backfired, and spacers flew everywhere.
Edit: it wasn’t a backfire

I found that making one half of a braided intake helps. Pull out the axel and throw it on the ground. Watch the nylon spacers fly!

and that is the bomb.

shooting rubberbands, bouncy balls, and if we have a lot of time, we have cards and chips for poker.

I usually take out my anger on my robot… So there are a few suspicious marks on my robot lol

Uhhh…staring blankly at my robot. I’m only stressed if my teammates are stressing me out, which happened all the time last year. This time I don’t really have to worry about it that much.

Our school as 5 teams and we typically bring 3 laptop so we play 2 player games on the laptops to relieve stress

I like posting stupid stuff on the forums to relieve stress.

@Aeden_6007 lol same. I post when I’m bored as well

Some people on my team came up with a really weird way to de stress, but it works for them. They have gotten weird looks for listening to k-pop while running/ walking around the building we are in.

Staring blankly at error messages while coding
Or just staring at things in general

I was at the Google Tournament the other week and they were passing out stress balls.

Our autonomous wasn’t working, since we’ve never tested it out using the Competition Switches. The code was written the day before the tournament; I stayed at school up till 10 pm working on the damned thing.

During the game, I was tired and confused, and for a first-year’s robotics team, I was not having a good time. I took a shot of 5-Hour Energy and had a Starbucks Frap. I’ll go ahead and tell you one thing… I had sleep deprivation for an entire week.

I take my “stress walks” as my team mates call them, the funny thing is, its worn off on a some of my old team mates, so now when they get stressed or upset they just go and walk around the building.

With me, I usually try to not relieve stress. I have no exact reason why, but I usually perform much better and I am somehow more competitive when in a stressed situation or environment. It’s very weird…