How do you remove an allen wrench in ball?

Someone in our club decided to stick an Allen wrench in a turning point ball. Any tips on removing it?

Put a magnet on a hole and shake it until the long end gets stuck on the magnet and then just gently shake to get I to fall out more with the magnet.

Cut the ball in half, but if you would like to keep the ball in one piece, then do what @jack202020 said

Or, saw the ball in half, take the allen wrench out, and superglue the ball together.

'tis but a scratch

Drill the hole just a little larger? The larger hole might assist in removing allen wrench. If you are short on balls be sure to give that team that ball for testing.


Throw the ball away and get $10 from the kid’s parent to replace the ball and tool.

Or as we like to call it the stupidity tax. Do stupid things, pay stupid taxes.

“Play stupid games win stupid prizes”

Whenever we have to spend money because we did something avoidable, we call it “tuition”.

Tuition to the school of hard knocks!