How do you set up the competition mode on the V5 EDR using VEXcode block?

We have watched the tutorial for the competition template, but can’t seem to get the program to acknowledge the brain. We have tried several USBs that came with the kits. We also tried using a sample program, and also writing one of our own, but still can’t get the brain icon to turn green. Can someone tell me the trick?

There isn’t another v5 program running at the same time like VEXCode v5 Text, VEX Coding Studio, or the V5 Firmware Utility running, right? That could possibly disrupt the connection.

Everything is connected like this, right? The Brain is plugged into the battery. The USB cable between the computer and brain. The brain is on while downloading. If so, you could try another computer.
You could try to contact VEX Support, see if they can help out:

No, no other programs are running, and yes, everything is connected correctly. I don’t know if the students updated firmware after they completed the robots…I will check tomorrow. Could that be an issue? We have tried several laptops, so I think the laptop isn’t the problem. Is there anything else that must be done prior to downloading a program?..for instance, in ROBOTC the pragma statements for which motors to use must be selected using the motors and sensors tab…I think the student said that he selected the motors being used , but don’t know if there is something else that needs to be done to declare them.