How do you slow down max speed of joystick control easy c

My teams robot becomes very tippy when it is extended to the height of the tall goal. I had a idea to slow down the drive when the robot is extended. How could I program this? Is there a way to set a dead band on the out side of the joystick range? Would I need to make a home made joystick program? If so how would I do that?

Team 4191 Programmer

You could put a limit switch near the top and once the limit switch is hit, you can change the output speed to the motor. If designed properly, you could maintain a slower speed WHILE the limit switch is held down.

Just a thought

would you like a little sample code?

We are using the pre-made arcade 4 motor block to run the drive motors. Is there a way to tell it the max speed to go?

Team 4191 Programmer

I’m pleased to be able to answer promptly. The answer is no.

Alternate idea brainstorms:

  • You can put in a request for Easy-C new features, but it is unreasonable to expect Intellitek to deliver to the timeframe you desire.
  • You can review past/current/future postings for user-coded implementations of arcade, and implement it yourself to get more control to make it easier to drive. An infinite variety of other features become available, once you convert to user-code.
  • Practice practice practice. With enough practice with a twitchy system, you can get by without custom code.

OK, Thank you for the fast replies. I found some good code in this post. The code is way simpler than I thought it would be.

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There’s a truism in there somewhere I think. I’ve experienced this in my own robotics career, so this message is for everyone:
Whenever you say, “We can’t implement that because it’s too complicated” you’re selling yourself short! Y’all are most likely smart kids, and if you’re not, you can get smarter! (That’s why you’re in VEX) So never say “I can’t learn this…”, because that’s simply not true… you *can * learn it! Just take the first step, research it online or ask your coach(es), and pretty soon, you’ll be saying to the judges at competition, “We did!” :smiley:

That is SO true!

I agree with every word he said.

“You can do it”!