How do you start your new members off

Even established teams have a constant flow of new members entering and experienced members leaving / aging out. How does your organization deal with new members? Do they start on a claw bot or are they let loose on a competition bot? Do you put them on a team with experienced members, or just have them focus on the basics by practicing good building methods including bearings, secured-screw-shafts, 3-4-5 triangles, etc.


here how we handle this. u got some room to clean, make them clean it up alone. it will teach them all the parts and what everything is. after that if they still around let them watch everyone for few days and let them figure everything out, then u let them free and do everything on their own. that just how we do it, u dont got to do it if yal dont feel it necessary

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if you dont have a room to clean then bring them into ur parts room and show them the basics to get them familiar with what robotics is. also let them watch the competition video to show what game is like for the year

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On Team Virus, we start all new students, as well as our VEX-IQ step-up students, with the V5 Clawbot trainer. Once they’ve become competent, single students are merged into an existing team, or a group of new students forms a new VRC team. Attached is our training curriculum.VEX TEAM 3547 Training.pdf (77.1 KB)


We sorta just let them loose. Teachers and older students will help mentor them, give advice, answer questions, show them the ropes, etc. as things arise. While they won’t build a world winning robot at first, its fun and people tend to stick around, and they build way better robots the next year around.


Our team had just gotten a new team member, how we are starting him off is by having him help the other more experienced members with their tasks. For example, i would build one half of a section, and then have him build the other on his own, if he had questions then we would help him. So far he has learned very well, and is still excited for the rest of the season. One thing always with new team members, make it VERY CLEAR that questions are encouraged.


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