How do you take these off?

Hey guys, this may sound like a bit of a silly question, but how do you take the gold, metal screws off of the V5 motor cap? I included a picture if you wanted to see what I mean. Hope someone can help.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 7.59.00 PM

I don’t believe that you are supposed to be able to

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I’m assuming that you’ve damaged them and you can probably still get them warranties

You should. This is a known issue that can’t be fixed to my knowledge

if you unscrew the top of the motor you should be able to pop them out


You can totally fix this, the inserts can be bought separately and replaced:


You unscrew the 4 gold screws in the corner to be able to pop off the motor cap. You can then replace the motor cartridge or replace the metal inserts.


if they broke you can use the 4 screws in the corners to take the top off and buy a new top here

The ability to remove these inserts is actually a feature of the v5 smart motor.
As seen on the v5 motor overview:
“The motor’s #8-32 Threaded Inserts can be flipped over in the motor’s housing and this will make them flush with the housing rather than slightly protruding. This is useful when the motor will not be mounted directly to a piece of structural metal. For example, this will allow the motor to be mounted using standoffs.”
Additional replacements of these inserts are also sold separetly.

As previously mentioned, to remove them you just need to unscrew the motor cap and then you can just push them out.