How do you use two transmitters for one bot?

I dont know how

Get two transmitters and receivers with different frequencies. Plug the receivers into the ports on the controller. Write a program that takes advantage of the inputs from both transmitters. Not too difficult. You can select which transmitter the input is read from easily enough with the EasyC software. The instruction manual actually has some information about it.


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Our team doesnt have 2 crystals.Can we practice using a tether?

Yes by using the tether in the corresponding RX port it can be done like this.

I’m using MPLAB, not EasyC. How do you do it in MPLAB?

I think I did this a long time ago. If you check the starter code, you’ll notice there are actually 12 channel inputs. 1 through 6 correspond to channels 1 through 6 on the first transmitter, and 7 through 12 are 1 through 6 on the second.

It would be nice if someone could verify this…

I just checked. There are indeed 12 inputs from PWM_in1 to PWM_in12. Use the last six for the second transmitter.

Thanks for the quick reply! We are waiting for the second transmitter to arrive some time today, so I’ll give it a shot then.

if you have the transmitter add on kit its on a different frequency, or you can buy the crystal upgrade kit

The kit came with a different frequency. Thanks for checking, theotherguy.

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