How do you use vex via and what place do you have to be in to enter worlds

I have a big question what place do you have to be in to go to state and how do you us vex via because I want to know what place I am in can you help me and also my team’s robot has lasted 2 composition Wich is the most we had a claw bot and it lasted like 3 weeks

There are several questions here.
First, in order to qualify for state from a regional competition you need to win one of several awards and which awards qualify depends on the size of the event and the size of the state tournament. Typically, you need to win either the Excellence Award, the Design Award, be Tournament Champions or be the Skills Winner to qualify for State. For larger events, the Tournament finalists, Tournament semi-finalists may also qualify for state. Those are all of the automatic qualifiers. State is then filled from the Skills score posted for the whole season among those whom have not already qualified. So to ask “what place do you need to be in?” is a difficult question to answer.
Two, my teams use VEX Via during an event to keep track of when their next match is or to check on scores of other matches if they are not near a screen scrolling the results.


The title of your post asked about getting to Worlds as well. You would have to win one of the awards at state in order to qualify for Worlds. (the simple answer)