How doe split arcade even work?

Hello I’m a new programmer to vex code v5 text and I wish to know how the code in split arcade works. For example, I do not understand how subtracting or adding two-axis together can actually do something. It’s quite confusing, it would be helpful if anyone can explain.

Thank you!

Im assuming you’re talking about controlling the drive train with 1 joystick. The up and down axis will set a ‘base’ power level for every motor, and the right left axis will subtract a value from the motors on the opposite side of where the joystick is.


Ideally arcade would use both sides of the drive and not just one when turning

Search for “arcade” and you will find many threads that are useful. The first one that showed for me was my own example that has tables to show how values change.

I don’t have an arcade drive myself, so I’m not sure, but it should be configured that it would add an amount to one side and subtract from another such that it would have both sides running full power in opposite directions if the joystick was directly to one side.

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ah, thank you, makes sense

ill do that, thanks!