How Does A Simple Tray Work?

So We are building one and I am just wondering how does it work? Anything will work.

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It’s the same as a complex tray, but the intakes are not attached on a lift, saving motors but sacrificing tower capabilities.


how does it not interfere with stacking. we have a dr4b but i am just confused? Will they both be the same angle?

They can be hinged so they move out of the way


How though… i don’t understand

don’t they move with the tray

The channel with the rollers on it is attached to a hinge so when the tray goes forward it pushes them out of the way.

They are attached to a different c-channel aside from the tray


So the channel that is connected to the tray has the intakes with a hinge that moves, what will cause it to move if it moves with the tray?

The intakes are not mounted to the tray.

it just attatched but doesn’t move with the tray like a pivot?

They can be attached to arms, or a c-channel mounted wherever. They are on hinges, and move when the tray puts pressure on them.


are the intakes and tray the same angle or no

That’s up to you. They can be, but usually they’re a little more angled into the tray, so they push them up and keep them in

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so the intakes will have a shallower angle than the tray?


can you still stack if the intakes move with the tray and dont go out? If not then i gotta run and get hinges and catch my bus. within a matter of 2 minutes

Theoretically if you ran an Omni intake the intakes could be attached to the tray.

omni intake? the wheels are the intakes

i have 2 small omnis

but we need those for wheelie bars or i guess we could use bars

I mean instead of treads and flaps use 1 or 2 Omni wheels.