How does an intermittent gear catapult work with the T bars? (VEX IQ)

Hi all, I’m trying to build a catapult with one motor that isn’t choo choo, and I’ve searched the internet and people have been saying that the intermittent gear mechanism works. However I’ve not been able to build it because I’m not clear on how it works. Can anyone send me pictures of the mechanism? Thank you.

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A better search term is “slip gear” or “slipgear”

Here you go, from the Sigbots a slip gear catapult

While it’s for VRC, it easily translates into VEXIQ.

I’m not sure if slip gears are sold by vex themselves, but they are really easy to make by just grinding off some teeth

Is EDR the same as VRC?

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not really, we aren’t allowed to modify parts and that kind of gear doesn’t exist for us. thanks for your help anyway

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Yes, EDR, VRC and V5 are all the same product family.

And you are correct you can’t cut up the parts. Sorry, I’ve seen so many VRC posts in the VEXIQ section that I just instinctively answer them as VRC.

Maybe @Sidoti will think about a 1/4 cut slip gear and the cam gears as upgrades to VEXIQ parts in the future.

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Intermittent gears and T-bar/lever are two totally different firing mechanisms, just like the choo choo is a third type of a firing mechanisms. I don’t see a way of combining these two based on the principles of how they work (but I could be wrong). I know there are a couple of youtube videos showing how to build an intermittent gear mechanism and I recall seeing a post on the forum with a general explanation of how a lever(t-bar) should work with VEX IQ. I would advise going to look for those with help building.

It took our kids about a month to build and test these two designs out to find our winner (and that can work with only one motor). As we get closer to worlds and everyone rebuilding their robots, I feel the choo choo will phase out and both the Intermittent gears and T-bar/lever will take over as the new firing mechanism and flood the forum with how to build questions.

So the only advice i can really give you is: torque. Lot’s of torque.

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Here is a thread that is not a choo choo.

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