How does compression affect flywheel recovery?

how does the compression of he ball affect recovery? whats the relationship?

Quite simply, more compression means a slower recovery.

The less compression the faster recovery time, but to a point more compression helps the distance of the shot.

ok thanks, may have to modify my backplate/hood/compression or whatever you call it :).

@daniellw26. will the same location of the backplate with different compression affect angle?

No, it will only affect range.

Yes it will to a point. This could cause the ball to exit compression differentlythan with less compression, but if you need to change angle, reshape the backplate or move it back to avoid damaging your motors.

Compression is different based on how your launcher is built. If it is a backplate (like 8059A) with a single point of compression, your compression needs to be low enough that the ball will pass through, but high enough that the launcher will transfer energy. If the launcher is like 8059F or mine (1575H reveal) you need very little compression, if any at all. This is because the ball is transferring energy over a longer period of time and is more susceptible to losses caused by the need to compress the ball.