How does he move forward

We built clutch and he only moves in circles. Any ideas? The arm and claw work correctly. Its our first year and we are perplexed. Thank you for any help and suggestions.

Ok, so lets do a few things

  1. Are the drive motors in ports 1 and 12?
    – A popular problem is using port 1 and 7 or 6 and 12
  2. Have you done the controller calibration?
  3. Plug the left motor into 11 and the right motor into 5. This now makes the drive work the top E and F buttons. – If this lets you drive then possible there is something wrong with your controller.
    – Use the VEXOS utility to reload the latest into your brain and controller. If there is still problems, try to find another person to try their controller.

Let us know how you make out


Thank you!! It works!! We needed to move a cable to port one and then change our claw port. Hoping for the best!

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Yay!!! Glad that it all worked out! Good luck on your event.

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