How does inspection for 36 inches work

I’m wondering how the inspection will work. Because i was thinking your robot can be capable of passing 36 inches as long as it didn’t pass that during the match.

I’d recommend re-reading the Game Manual.

Specifically Rule SG2


I feel like sg2 is saying it’s fine as long as you don’t pass it once the match starts. However during inspection they check to see your robot doesn’t pass 36

Inspection link

It is possible to have two different mechanisms that, when both extended, your bot fails the 36" expansion rule. If this is your intent, you need to let the inspector and head ref know your plan for not breaking SG2 in match. Adding a sensor to each mechanism and coding so they cannot both be out, or designing a mechanical solution that prevents illegal expansion are both options. Just swearing that you will not break the rule puts an unnecessary burden on the referees (and your driver).