How does one code Double-Action pneumatics?

How does one code double-action pneumatics? I have tried a couple of different ways, but they do not seem to work. The attached image of my code does nothing when buttons X and B are pressed (both pneumatics are LEDs in the devices area), despite the pneumatics being attached and filled with air. Does anyone know what might be the problem, or if I am simply doing it wrong?

Try and configure them as pneumatics or if that doesn’t exist digital out

yeah they are 3 wire digital out, using high and low to extend and retract them

Pneumatic configuring does not exist. Is this how it is supposed to be?

You could also check if the 3-wire cable is in the same port as the code is trying to use, or plug something else in there to check if it’s just a broken port. Or try a different solenoid valve, in case that’s what’s broken.
I can also check to see what I can find for the config of pneumatic if you know what platform you’re using to code.

I figured it out. Apparently my team accidentally put the cord in port B instead of A.
Got it fixed before the tournament, all works perfectly, switched some other bits, does what I want.

Also, not that it matters now, but it is V5 C++.

Ok glad it turned out fine