How does one delete unused messages in Code Blocks?

Along the same lines, is there a way to rename a message?

Sorry, but what do you mean by “unused messages”
Do you mean comments?

I don’t see a way in the program to do either…

So I started with this…
If you open up the file with a text editor you will find something like this…
You will find them in there a couple of places, and I got bored at this point. But if you want to brave it you can just edit the file directly.

Make a backup before you do.

If you mess it up your bot may explode.

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Since we forked off of the Scratch 3.0 code for the block engine (which doesn’t allow you to delete event “messages”), there’s currently no way to remove them from a project.

Not say it’s not possible in the future…It’s on our list of things to add (the ability to rename / delete), but is lower priority than other developments.

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