How does one go about getting gears to properly mesh when they have to be on 2 separate pieces of metal

Working on something of a secret project and not much more elaborating can be done

Washers and spacers.

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Hmm… I would recommend putting the big red gears between the gears on the wheels. It is much easier to mesh together and creates a smoother driving experience

C-channels are about 1/16 in thick, so you have about 1/8 in displacement there.
You can either do it:
The painful way - get you bandsaw/file and sand the entire side down
The other way - use spacers to elevate the c-channel (but subtract 1/8 in to account for the displacement). I prefer this way.

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Buy 1x5 c channel. And take care of it… it’s not cheap.

Problem then is ground clearance, im on 2.5 onmis