How does skills work at worlds?

I’ve competed at worlds before but have never done skills there before. Does it run like any other regular competition where you just do a few runs and whoever gets the highest wins? Or is it somehow different? Speaking if you win, what even happens? I can’t remember if the skills champion went up on the big stage during the awards ceremony or not last year, I’d imagine they did.

I’ve searched for some answers but can’t find any so I wanted to ask here for anyone who knows. Please explain or give a link that gives more specifics to how skills is run at worlds, that’d be great. Thanks!

Each team has an option to go for 3 x driver skills runs and 3 x programming skills runs.

If my memory holds, I think it was the top 30 teams that will need to go for one more round (on the final day) to decide the winner.

But I do believe that RECF made minor changes to the format every year (except for the 3 runs per team, which has been the same since day 1).

Up till Gateway (or was it Sack Attack ? ), there used to be Skills Challenge final (between the top 2 teams) in the arena. It was really exciting.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there are skills challenge rounds where you get 3 attempts for both autonomous and driver and it is first come, first serve. After the skills challenge rounds are over, the top 10 (based on total combined score) from each age group went on to the skills challenge finals held on Friday night (immediately before the new product release) for all to see in Freedom Hall in which the teams are simply trying to get a better score than they got previously. @meng You are correct, the top 10 from each age group got a fourth programming skills run prior to the finals.

Here is the agenda for 2018 worlds:

Here is the live stream from 2017 Worlds of the skills finals: