How does this catapult work?

there is a design that can do this :slight_smile:

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This type of catapult is really hard, either is goes down way too much or it just does not want to move, I am wondering is the catapult in these video using the same system?

I imagine it would need to be a standoff, not a pin.

The hook is only connected to the catapult arm and its swing is limited. Now imagine two gears with a standoff separating them - this will be the cam. The cam comes around and grabs the hook to pull it down. As the cam rotates out of the reach of the hook it releases.


Now I understand, I thought you have to connect the L shape on the gear, I can show everyone a demo once I am finished. Thanks a lot, really appreciated.


Great explanation, thank you.

I have been having troubles on keeping the swing limited, when the hook touches the gear it slips and won’t go down. Whats your thoughts on this?

One option would be to make it fixed. Another would be to add pieces adjacent to limit the movement. In the example pic below the left grey piece would allow some movement and the right piece would stop it at 90 degrees. (Assuming they are all in the same plane against the catapult arm)



After blocking some swing movement the motor can’t take the catapult down.

how does this catapult

I think this is the Choo Choo Mechanism

Here is a prototype video
Google Video


Has anyone used the Shock Absorber Pack? Someone said Shock Absorber Pack shoots better, right?

Does anyone have a mechanism like this example?

In this case catapults main power is the rubber bands, if there is less rubber bands the less power it has. If there is more rubber bands the more power the catapult has when it loads. Also shock absorbents are not handy when building a catapult.

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Do you mind sharing what this is?

People don’t like it when you revive old topics. Sorry to break it to you. Browsing them is good, though.

Stand offs on the gear makes it possible for the L piece to engage

December isn’t that old (typically the cutoff is 1 year) and this topic is certainly still viable.

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so do you mind sharing the design?