How does wireless download work?

I have paired my V5 brain and controller, and have successfully downloaded a program. I wanted to try using the wireless download feature, but I am not sure how do this. I have already tried plugging the controller into my computer using MicroUSB but VCS does not recognize a target.

Wireless download is not supported yet.

Is this still the case?


Thanks for the update

Is this still the case?

Wireless downloading is still not supported although I read on another post that it was in progress.


Yes this is still the case. The support is now in place in VEXos 1.0.5, but it will be a few weeks before the partners support it. Stay tuned!

Just out of curiosity, are there any status updates on partner support for this? @lacsap

Edit: I forgot that VCS won’t support this anyway until it receives an update, and that probably isn’t happening any time soon

By partner support, you are referring to other programming suites, such as, RMS and PROS. I have not other information than what has been posted in the forum. I would imagine that they post an announcement when that functionality is available.

we’re working on it :wink:

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