How Far Can You Bend Lexan Until It Breaks?

If that’s the case, you should be fine, however I would recommend you find a better way to open up the door. While it may be springy it can also be pretty sturdy at times, and it might be a challenge for the motor to pull it far enough to work, especially with the speed that will be needed from the trap door.


If you scored small groves in the polycarbonate, the plastic would have many weak points to bend along. You could also influence the angle and rigidity by adding more or less groves in different areas and the deep ness of the grooves.


That’s a neat idea, does it every break like this though? I know that this is sort of how I cut plexi. Run a knife along the same line multiple times until I can snap it.


Well, if you didn’t bend it too much and didn’t score too deep, I think you should be okay. The point is to have weak points to relieve stress in other points of the plastic to make it easier to bend. Eventually it would weaken but if there is not too much stress, it should hold for a while.

Edit: I have cut abs with scoring. You typically have to cut pretty deep to get a clean cut. You probably won’t need to cut that deep and will be more durable


Cool, I’ll have to try that out.

Do you guys think this curve would be achievable with lexan?? It is for the ball ramp because I have an xdrive and want the balls to go over the motors instead of hitting.20200609_014711

Also is it unrealistic to think that it can be held by two standoffs? I would guess so because it isn’t super easy to bend lexan. Could this be fixed with a heat gun WITHOUT getting deformations in the curve, or is it heating hot enough that it sags and couldn’t hold shape?

Hi everyone. I like using it and I dont want it breaks. I hope everything will be ok. Keep us in touch.

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You can zip tie it down to a superstructure and that’ll help it keep shape

That looks like a pretty reasonable curve. The only thing i would mention is those standoffs may start to bend in the holes of the c-channel due to the force of the lexan trying to bend back. This could definitely be achieved with a heat gun remember you aren’t trying to melt the stuff you are just tying to heat it up enough so that when it cools back down it keeps its shape.

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