How fast can a quad encoder detect movement?

James, are you proud of ConVEX or somthing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s not my best work due to the speed at which I originally wrote it, but it’s not bad :slight_smile: Once in a while I just decide to give it a plug and point out that, for some things, it’s better than everything else on offer.

It’s gonna possibly be a 6 motor, at minimum 4 motor shooter. Running a two motor launcher at that ratio will possibly trip PTC.

PTC is actually the biggest and most important hidden rule in VRC.

Did some research about PID velocity and plan to do a little integral dominated controller, with a little P and a little D.

I do plan to start working with ConVEX this summer primarily because the graphics capability that no other environment has just seems so sweet. I really really want the real time graphing feature shown in Mr. Pearman’s quad encoder PID video, and I do wonder how it is done.

I gotta say copying debug stream into excel is getting old for me and I would like to play with more real time graphics.

Amen brother! Anyone know how to request items to the Robot C feature list!?

(another jpearman handy tip. Use an A-A cable between the joystick and cortex to reduce data drop outs on the debug stream)

Given that you can get the shaft speed up to 25 RPS. (Upper limit of the encoder), with a 4" wheel on the shaft, the outer edge is going 300 inches per second (2543) (PI=3 for these kinds of calculations) or 25 feet per second. I’m not getting a happy feeling about fingers this year.

I don’t want to derail this thread at all, but I just want to jump in and note that this particular feature was added in ROBOTC 4.30, due to very popular demand:

You can now save your debug stream contents as .txt, .csv, or as a custom data file. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: