How fast will the field be cleared

Hi, so I was wondering how fast do you think the field is going to be cleared. From the matches I have seen it is about 1:00 min.
Another question I have is how fast do you think the driver loads will be shot, and the last question is it worth to lift or not.

Lifting will be huge at worlds, in some matches the field will be cleared in 40 seconds or less. The driver loads will probably be finished in 10-15 seconds on average and even less by the best robots.

Lifts are going to be important at worlds but not if you give up a lot to make a lift (intake, mobility, etc)

In the South Texas State Championship (elimination matches) the field was usually cleared in 15-20 seconds. There were some matches where it was cleared in as little as 10 seconds. Given this, I expect that the field will be cleared in 10 seconds or less at champs.

That give so much time for a lift and DCL

Man this game is gonna get boring quickly if that’s truly the case, never seen a field cleared that quick.

The time that it takes to clear the field really does depend on the region. I’m assuming that you’re asking about worlds, so I’d say in a normal match, it will for sure be cleared with 40 seconds left; In playoff I would say with 1:20 seconds left because only the best quarter of the teams in each division make it into the playoffs.
From what I’ve seen, most successful teams take 20-30 seconds to fire off DCLs, but there are a lot that don’t need nearly that much time. If there’s a lot of time left, I would focus on accuracy rather than firing rate.
For sure lifting is worth it if you get more points with it than without it.
More conversation on whether lifting is worth it

Do you know of any videos of this?
I expect there to be a few matches at worlds where the field is pretty much cleared by the end of autonomous.