How good is your auton?

What is the optimal autonomous score you guys have got so far? My team has been trying to figure out what would be a good score for the alliance member parked nearest to the flags? How about far from the flags? Thanks for any tips or advice you may have. So far we have been able to get 7 points consistently for when we are parked nearest to the flags. This seems to be the average when comparing to bots online.

As of June 2018…

1 high flag + 1 low flag + 1 cap on the floor + alliance park

we are planning on a cap on pole, toggle flag(maybe), and then alliance park. So between 5-6 points

That is really good

Wow very impressive. Gonna have to work on something like this.

Right now we have two coded. One does top flag, bottom flag, and alliance parks.
The other scores a low cap, flips high flag, middle flag, and low flag, and alliance parks (parking is a bit sketchy and needs more work).

We have not coded an auton for the farther tile from the flags but I think that scoring a low cap, stacking a cap, and shooting a two flags on the middle set of flags would be optimum. Then park unless the other robot is parking.

Sounds like a great strat, thanks.

What is really important is getting the ball that is under the cap. You can get this ball 100% of the time and then that cap is scored.

If your partner robot can not shoot balls you could also ask them to place their preload ball on the field, touching their robot of course, so that you can pick it up during auton.

My auton is 1 high flag, 1 low flag, and one ground cap. I’m working on another ground cap and another low flag

The one I’ll be running this weekend is:
2 high flags, 1 low cap, 1 cap on high post, alliance park. I have some other autons too, though.

I just finished 2 different ones tonight lol. The flag side gets 2 ground caps, 2 low flags and 2 high flags. My platform side gets 2 caps and alliance parks.

Wow! How do you have time for all that!
10 points if im not mistaken.
Also, do you score the cap that starts your side up with ball elevating it or the one that starts on your opponents color?

Is there any specific reason you decided to get 2 high rather then 1 high and 1 low? Possibly to make it more compatible with other autons scoring mid flags?

It could be a skill auton. I don’t really see all of that happening in 15 seconds.

edit: if it is 15 seconds could we get a video? @Brian_9605A

I assume it’s possible, but if hes pulled it off thats pretty OP

I do agree it’s pretty surprising he has time for a high cap.

I have video. When I find time (tomorrow in calculus) I will blur out my robot and post it. It is a 15s, normal-match auton.

No need for a video, the clarification is all that I needed. Now I think lots of us have a new score to beat !

My robot is dead right now but it was a low cap + 3 flag auton. The highest one I’ve seen so far is 6 flags and 2 low caps tho

Holdup, your talking about skills I hope?

Really it wasnt that good all it could do was toggle a low flag and thats about it. But then again we rushed it at the comp so XD