How hard is it for flags to change possession

Looking at some of the pictures of the flag game pieces, we see that you need to push the flag out of the little plastic notch to gain possession. I was wondering how difficult it would be for the enemy team to try and regain possession of the flag after the opposing team has already taken it? It looks like the energy team would need to shoot the flag hard enough so that it would go over two notches to gain possession instead of the one notch that the original team needed to overcome. Can someone who has game pieces test this out?
maybe this

I’ve taken a look at this on the thread linked above -
From the small amount of testing I’ve been able to do it seems like it would take two shots to switch possession from one color all the way to the other.
I’m sure it is possible to do it in one shot, but you would just need a lot of power and would need to hit the flags outer edge for better leverage.

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I’ve tested and, by hitting it with a ball from a make-shift flywheel, it’s quite easy to turn all the way

@Reyro Fidelofish no matter how hard I hit them they didn’t bounce back