How heavy are your robots?

I am curious to find out if there is anyone that knows the weight of their robots. The reason I am interested is so that it may give my team a rough idea of how heavy robots out-there are. I am particularly interested in knowing the heavier/heaviest ones as it would give my team some incentives to trim down in case they are above a certain threshold (in which case it means the weight has likely impacted negatively on their moving speed).

My first robot was 30 pounds, since then my bots have stayed around 15 pounds


about 15 pounds I’d say.


We have not weighed ours. However, our competition is tomorrow and until 2days ago, it was 18.5 in

Before our robot broke, I’d say 15 pounds.

12.5“ wide x 15“ long x 17.5“ tall, and 17 lb

My cap bot in TP was 15 Ibs, and 20 Ibs when I added steel as a ballast.
My ball bot in TP was 17 Ibs, as I added steel in the back for protection and ballast.
But, if we visited StarStruck season, my clawbot weighed 12 Ibs, which allowed me to have 4 393 motors on turbo.

In my personal opinion, if you are new then I would suggest not caring much about weight, especially since we are in the V5 era where motors are far more powerful than 393’s. That is also why I was completely fine with adding ballast to my TP robots :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the replies. My team’s robot is ~16 lb and 4.5 lb was due to counter weight. They went for counter weight rather than the extended back wheels because counter weight seems to keep the front wheels on the floor better than just anti-tipping benefit with back wheels…

Ours is currently at 57and counting…

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our robot is 23.5 pounds.