How heavy is your robot?

There’s no real reason behind this, it’s just fun and curiosities sake. I’d think that quite a few teams have (mostly) finished bots by now, so it would be cool to see how hefty everyone’s (VRC) robots got.

Last I checked, my teams weighed in at 16.7 lbs (7.6kgs). Ours has 8 motors, but is 95% aluminum.

heavier than it should be


The last time I checked, I was ~15.7 lbs, the average vex robot is probably going to be around the range of 14 - 17 lbs

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10-15 pounds. I have never weighed it.

20-ish pounds? Don’t even know the exact weight, I just know it’s way too heavy


Weighed the night before states, 28 pounds.


28lbs is pretty crazy!

I learned my lesson with heavy, underpowered robots during tower takeover. That bot was probably ~20lbs but had two motor drive. Could barely make it through 1 match before the motors went into thermal shutdown.

So this season, we made sure our bot was as light as it could be, which is infinitely better.


Yeah it was a pain to transport to matches. We had a 6 motor drive though, so we were actually decently fast.

why we were 28lbs


That looks a bit excessive but I know its not. Time to watch it an other 50 more times :smiley:

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Probably 20-25 pounds

bout 25 lbs because no aluminum parts available

our alliance team built a tank bot using 16 wheels and it weighed in to like 80 pounds, it even pressed into the arena floor and nothing could push them.


Can you send pics? I really wanna see it

i unfortuanately dont have any but I can ask other guys on our team


Never have weighed it, but just by carrying it around I would guess over 12 pounds.

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21.6 pounds, probably heavier than it should be.

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Like 25 pounds my team and I made the horrible mistake to make most of our robot out of steel even the lift

25 but all aluminum and i havent done counter weight yet so when i do that probs 30

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Jeez I thought ours was heavy at 17.8 lbs.

Is it just by itself, or when we are carrying 2 mobys? When we have two mobys (One modified why a bunch of steel, so extra 5 pounds), it can be around 30 pounds, ( I will try to get a picture next week).