How I make the field renders

Renders coming soon.

Feel free to ask questions here or in the video comments. I’ll post the actual renders in a different thread once I have them finished, which should be in a few days.

Shouldn’t the monitor be facing the teams?

Thanks for the insights of making 3D renders!

From what I’ve seen, the monitors are always facing the audience.

I am thinking of the monitors that display remaining time in the match. But heck, I am always in the audience :slight_smile: Need players!

However, looking at past games - field monitors face the players. If a laptop is used to drive the field monitor, they face the audience.

At least that has been the case in Southern New England.

Same in Colorado and at worlds.

Either way, there have been competitions that I have been to where they face both the competitors and the audience or just the audience, or competitors.

No problem. I really actually like this stuff.

This is what I thought. Am I crazy? Like seriously which is it? Given there there’s a big wall in front of the monitor mount it sort of seems silly to face the screen towards the players.

Tournament manager has a field display that shows the players the countdown timer for each portion of the match. So, it makes sense that you want that facing towards the teams playing.

I am getting a field setup on Monday, so I should be able to tell how much the fence will interfere with seeing the countdown timer.

Yikes, I had not thought of the field monitor. It is a rather difficult place to put it this year. How obstructed will it be do you think?

What can you use the field renders for?

Just to look at.

  1. the online challenge for each game

  2. Fun! Increase you skills. Start with the known game to make the challenge game.

  3. To conceptualize what the water game will look like :slight_smile:

Thanks !!

You may want to look at what my deliverables look like from previous years. It’s the top-down renders that are the most useful.